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Implementing our Solve. Source. Schedule. Service. approach to Vendor Managed Inventory Programs we eliminate waste, guarantee product availability, and reduce your labor costs, inventory and overhead.

Utilization of electronic scales, RFID and wireless technologies powered by data driven software gives you peace of mind that you have the right amount of inventory ensuring no stock outs.

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We take pride in our manufacturing expertise & resources that allow us to assist our customers in determining the best, most economical and quickest way to produce your special component.

In addition, by utilizing blanket purchase agreements, our customers can eliminate long lead times & have peace of mind that their inventory is ready to be shipped for on-time delivery from Blue Chip’s warehouse.

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Utilizing our automated packaging equipment, we can simply build hardware kits with multiple parts, or a single part. Packaging can include your logo, barcode, and/or data matrix code along with a description of contents.
The capability to insert instruction sheets is also available.

We also can design and supply special custom packaging when required.
Blue Chip builds and stocks thousands of kits daily for our customers.

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    Our Process For Success
    To Partner with our customers through


    By involving us early in the design process, we can help you explore options for your new product applications. We can often suggest alternate materials, manufacturing processes, assembly methods to help improve efficiency, and product quality.



    Blue Chip gives you access to a world of possibilities. We have established direct relationships with a growing network of domestic and global ISO Certified manufacturers with capabilities to supply a diverse array of products.


    Flexibility. Using our Solve, Source, Schedule approach, we meticulously control every aspect of the process- from the time of the order, throughout the manufacturing process, to the flexible scheduling of releases. Yearly inventory purchases reduce lengthy lead times, eliminate large minimum buys, and helps improve cash flow giving you the peace of mind knowing your parts are in stock.


    Our experienced fastener experts and inside support team strive to learn all our customer's strategic goals and objectives. We then develop and implement systems that add value and eliminate costs.

    ISO Certified Fastener Supplier

    About Us
    • On Time Delivery
    • Committed to Customer Satisfaction
    • ISO Certified
    • We offer a wide selection of products including but not limited to: assemblies, cold heading, molded parts, screw machine, etc…
    Standard Parts
    • Blue Chip utilizes a large listing of approved global suppliers who exceed our quality criteria for standard parts.
    Kitting & Packaging
    • Warehouse kitting is the process of taking individual or multiple parts and combining them in a package to create one new kit.

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    Building Relationships. Solving Problems. Providing Solutions.

    Our highly skilled team of fastener professionals have been doing that for over 37 years.

    We solve your sourcing and inventory problems. Our service after the sale is why our customer base has consistently grown since 1984. Bring us your problems and we will provide solutions.


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