Kitting & Packaging

In-House Kitting Solutions For Customers!

Utilizing our automated packaging equipment, we can simply build hardware kits with multiple parts, or a single part. Packaging can include your logo, barcode, and/or data matrix code along with a description of contents.
The capability to insert instruction sheets is also available.

We also can design and supply special custom packaging when required.
Blue Chip builds and stocks thousands of kits daily for our customers.

T-1000 Advanced Poly Bagger

Warehouse kitting is the process of taking individual or multiple parts and combining them in a package to create one new kit. Blue Chip builds thousands of kits daily for our customers. We regularly build complex kits that include multiple different parts. 

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Custom Kits, Labels, Stocking

Ti-1000 Inline Thermal Transfer Printer

Our warehouse team & equipment accurately manage your inventory and produces kits for your scheduled delivery. In addition to assembling kits, Blue Chip has the capability to customize kits with part numbers, barcodes, and a label. Whether you need 100 kits or 100,000 kits assembled… we’ve got you covered.